We provide Contracting Companies and Contractors with Distinctive Strategic & Operational Solutions in Human Capital.



Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Relations (UADE).

Certified Business & Sales Coach

International Certified Consultant

Senior Consultant with experience of over 20 years in Human Capital Management, specialized in Start Ups in several countries of Latin America and in different national and international Companies for the Engineering and Construction industry, Mining and Oil & Gas Services, including a global vision in order to understand the strategic business performance with emphasis on:

with the aim of achieving the commitment of the staff, their awareness of the competitive reality and the current situation of their company today.

Important specialization in Strategic Management of Human Resources in Remote Sites and with great geographical dispersion, including proven expertise to lead, integrate and coordinate efficient teams, even within critical contexts.

Organizational Change Agent with proven expertise in Transformational Re-engineering of High Performance Teams.

Senior Consultant in Organizational Strategy & Business Development.

Consultants teamed up by specialty with management experience in operational solutions in human capital. Ensuring Strategic Complementary Partnerships following the Values and Founding Principles of Bonum Arduum.



Training-Facilitator & Mentor Coach

Professional Certified Coach

Bachelor’s Degree in Family Studies

Specialist in Vocational & Educational Coaching

We strive to ensure you are able to find and know your own potential, developing strengths and skills that may define a lifelong vocation.

During the sessions you will be able to find out your true vocation, what you are really passionate about to make it your profession.

Certified Consultant in
Strategic Business Coaching

Know about Our Services

Organizational & Human Development Training Programs

Custom-designed, virtual or in-company: Managing Development Programs, Panoramic Supervisor Development Programs, Competency Management Programs, Organizational Climate Programs.

Distinctive Training for Operational Middle Management

Respect in the Workplace; b) From Traditional Approach to a New Conversational Framework in Labor Relations; L.A.P (Leadership Assistance Program): Leadership Assistance Program for Middle Management in Remote Sites.

Executive Coaching for Key Organizational Staff

Executive Coaching Programs for Key Organizational Staff, strengthening in Clients concepts such as Accountability, Role & Function Responsibility, Effective Communications, Situational Leadership, Effective Feedback, Follow Up of Actions for Goal Fulfillment, leadership in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams and negotiation techniques applicable to the special situational framework that the Company has in its Labor Relations.

Advice on Design and Execution of Labor Relations Plans

External operational advice on labor relations, feasibility processes, construction (CAPEX), start-ups, organizational re-engineering and take-overs, for contracting clients and contractors who need to ensure they fit for the framework agreement defined by the principal company.

Programs of Positive Impact in Communities

Distinctive Programs of Vocational Coaching
Finding out vocations in communities;
Vocational Coaching for children of Key Staff.
For additional test in Young Professional Programs, exploring and ensuring that the Career Anchors coincide with the profiles to hire.

Distinctive Training Programs in Labor & Community Relations

Modular Training with Distinctive Approach to Labor Relations and Community Relations with the aim of ensuring the key relationship with relevant stakeholders, from the beginning of the Operation and after ensuring Social Peace and Business Sustainability.

Compensation Strategies & Comprehensive Retention Plans

Design advice on Compensations & Benefits Structures, Retention Plans for Key Staff and Job Matching for Grouped positions.

Recruitment & Selection of Key Talent

Recruitment and Selection of Key Technical Profiles, Middle Management, with distinctive Selection tools that are consistent with the Organizational Abilities that the Contracting Client demands. READY to JOB & HIRE FOR FIT Processes.

Provision of Interim Managers

Provision of Interim Managers with proven global experience to ensure processes of Labor Relations and Human Resources in exploration stages, Feasibility and CAPEX for the Mining Industry, Engineering & Construction and Services related to the Oil & Gas Industry, for the Transportation Industry and Agricultural Companies.

Work with Social Purpose Division

Recruitment and preparation of Talents with Different Abilities so that the Contracting Organization may hire Diverse and Inclusive Talent in its Headcount or Payroll.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in Human Resources/Human Capital Processes for SMEs and CONTRACTORS: provision of software specialized in human resources administration and organizational & human development and customization with the client, according to the parameters adapted to the Philosophy and organizational Abilities of the Contracting Party.

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Is a specialized solution that helps HR professionals like you to easily manage their Performance Assessment & 90°, 180°, 270°, 360° feedback and talent development processes.

With our advanced cloud technology, accessible to any type of organization, you will be allowed to take decisions based on data in real time.

Modernize performance review and fully configure your soft skills, objectives and KPIs, take the pulse of work environment with satisfaction surveys or create talent maps of your organization in an agile way.

In addition, custom competencies and KPIs or any other indicator that is appropriate to measure can be added.

Of course, the look & feel is also customizable to boost your corporate identity.

Companies that trust us

Building a sustainable future


Being Strategic Partners from an experiential framework in BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE in the Processes of Companies (Human Capital, Labor Relations, Community Relations, Inclusive Talent and Training Programs for Key Staff) in different PHASES of Operation, with understanding of the participating stakeholders. Developing Critical Talent with their Collaborators and providing Executive Coaching so that the Key staff achieve their maximum potential in the profile required by the Organization.


Being the Strategic Business Partner by natural and professional choice in the Region, helping People & Teams to achieve its Potential and conduct their Business in a strategic way Sustainable in time, with a more satisfactory and contributory life.

We are Bonum Arduum, we tell you why: